Who We Are

ChannelTek is the premiere destination for solutions in technology integration covering a vast expanse of industries within Pakistan as well as on an international scale.
Its reputation in providing ground-breaking operations within genres such as telecommunications, broadcast media, test and measurements multimedia has landmarked it as the go-to organization in the region.
ChannelTek offers a peerless quality of service, combined with a plethora of unmatched, result-oriented products within an extensive technological landscape.
With a seasoned background in sourcing and developing innovative technology that not only answers the call to, but also foresees gaps in the market, ChannelTek has cemented its position as a leading consultant, facilitator and problem solver in this specialized industry.


Our vision is to preserve an ethos of professional, methodological and innovative services that showcase our commitment to excellence in the field of advanced technological integrations and solutions.
The aim is to maintain and improve an infrastructure of a highly qualified team of people such as engineers, technicians, telecommunications and broadcast experts to name but a few, in order to showcase our commitment to our client’s requests; no matter how ambitious in its scope.Most people who work in an office environment, buy computer products, or have a computer at home have had the “fun” experience of dealing with technical support. It’s not always the easiest.